Post pandemic lesbian sex by two parasite-infected nurses


Nurses Catherine Knight and Chloe Temple were friends and never even considered lesbian sex. They didn’t even think about it when a terrible pandemic broke out. It was worse than COVID-19. Strange alien parasites were infecting people all over the world and they were becoming twisted zombies. Men were just disappearing and girls were attacking each other and licking pussies. The infected vaginal mucus was passed from one girl to another and that’s how the infection spread. At first all the hospitals were full of infected girls, and then….. then the hospitals emptied out because the doctors and nurses were infected too and turned into sexual zombies. The only people left were Catherine Knight and Chloe Temple.

The blonde uniformed girl was injured and needed medicine. While her friend went to look for it, an alien parasite crawled in and penetrated her pussy. Immediately she started thinking about lesbian sex. As soon as her friend returned, the infected nurse attacked her and infected her too. Now they were both zombie lesbians. The nurses licked each other’s pussies and rubbed them, moaning sweetly with pleasure. Post pandemic lesbian sex gave them a lot of pleasure, and then the beauties went hunting…

Date: February 6, 2024

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