Parasite-infected Asian Nicole Doshi gets fucked by thieves


Parasite-infected rich woman Nicole Doshi is not feeling well. She fears she will get worse and hires two caregivers. Young girls Avery Black and Scarlett Alexis cook her meals, bring her water and help her move around the house. They are so kind and sweet….. but they really aren’t. When Nicole Doshi barely got out of bed, the sweet and helpful caregivers turned into thieves. During the day they looked for valuable things to steal from the rich woman, and at night they changed into black latex suits and broke into her house. But they were in for a surprise…

Parasite-infected Asian Nicole Doshi turned into a zombie lesbian. She attacked the girls and made them lick her pussy. The slime from her pussy got into the mouths of thieves Avery Black and Scarlett Alexis, so they got infected too. Worms came out of the Asian girl’s vagina and attacked the girls’ pussies and they too became zombies. Lying on the floor, they licked each other’s slippery pussies and moaned loudly with pleasure. The lesbians couldn’t stop. They rubbed their pussies, kissed, drank the slime and secreted it again from their holes. Parasite-infected Asian Nicole Doshi was the first to cum, and then the other members of the lesbian threesome had orgasms.

Date: February 5, 2024

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