Perverse family hard fucks kidnapped city girl Sarah Kay


Perverse family once again finds a victim for their cruel perversions. But not all at once…. Dad and mom miss each other a lot. No one has stopped by to visit them in a long time. Old bitch pisses just on the window to clean it and her husband licks her ass. Son at this time sits in a cage, and daughter is either sleeping or jerking her pussy. It’s boring, that’s all.

It’s good that their uncle comes from the city. And not alone, but with a guest. To be exact, not a guest, but a kidnapped girl, whom he brought to the village in a sack. The girl breaks free and screams, but no one can save her. Now she is in the hands of a perverse family. They will make sure that her life will never be the same again. After tying the girl up and putting her in a sex swing, they take turns abusing her and fucking her hard. Mom, daughter, dad, son…. They all stretch the pussy of a moaning and screaming city girl. Grandpa just watches. He’s always watching and jerking his dick off.

Perverse family fucks a bound girl, covering her pussy with cum and then they also piss on her. Do you think that’s where the abuse ends? Well no…

Date: February 27, 2024

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