Tentacle nightmares: monster fuck Amirah Adara in bedroom


Pretty girl Amirah Adara reads a book where a monster fucks the main character. It excites her and the girl fantasizes about something similar happening to her. But she is frightened by a strange knock in the house and forgets about fantasies. When the brunette goes to bed, she falls into an erotic dream.

The monster’s long tentacles crawl around the bedroom and get under her blanket. They restrain her arms and legs so that the girl can only scream. But her screaming stops when the tentacle is in her mouth. The monster fucks Amirah Adara in all her holes and fills her with thick alien cum. It flows from all her holes and the girl’s bed becomes wet and slippery. That’s when the facehugger shows up. He clings to the brunette’s face and his little cock ends up in her mouth. The scary monster squeezes all the juices out of her and fills her with his juices.

The monster fucks the girl faster and harder. But there comes a moment when he just disappears. It seems like it was all just a dream. But when the blanket falls off the sleeping Amirah Adara, she is covered in alien cum. So was this nightmare real after all?

Date: February 24, 2024
Actors: Amirah Adara

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