Russian lesbian cosplay on lady Dimitrescu and her daughter


Amateurs in porn Leah Meow and Octokuro show some great lesbian cosplay on the heroines of the game Resident Evil Village. Busty Russian beauty Octokuro becomes mom Alsina Dimitrescu, and her daughter Daniela is the sexy Leah Meow.

Watch these hot hotties caress each other’s pussies and anal holes. They insistently stick their fingers in their asses and lick their pussies, making sweet moans of pleasure. The girls rub their pussies on the couch and get as wet and hot as possible. They like to caress each other. Two sexy sluts: mom and daughter if their lesbian cosplay is to be believed. According to legend they are vampires who live for many thousands of years and they miss sex very much. There is no lover who can satisfy them. So the girls have to caress each other and have orgasm. Using their favorite sex toys for their butts, they really experience supreme pleasure.

Watch porn parody and lesbian cosplay on heroines of Resident Evil Village game and don’t even try to keep yourself in control. Better hold your dick tight and jerk it off good.

Date: February 2, 2024
Actors: Leah Meow / Octokuro

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