Excited scientist have alien sex with UFO creature


Alien sex is one of the biggest mysteries of the universe. Are there other civilizations beyond the galaxy? Could they make contact with us? Many famous scientists are trying to figure it out, spending all their time on it.

The greatest work in the study of extraterrestrial beings and UFOs are carried out in the United States, namely in the so-called Area 51. It was there that one of the scientists gained access to the incredible – a female alien. A slender gray “girl” with a big scary head scared the guy a little. But on the other hand he wanted to explore her. Or rather, to explore her wet pussy. Chaining the alien to the table, he began injecting some kind of drug into her pussy. This revitalized and excited the alien monster. She wanted alien sex as much as the male scientist wanted it. The man’s fingers found themselves in the alien slut’s pussy and then his cock penetrated her mouth. The sharp teeth didn’t scare him and he enjoyed a sloppy blowjob. Losing control of himself, he kept fucking and fucking the alien until he cummed on her.

The satisfied scientist thought that it was over and he could carry on with his sexual experiments. But now he was part of the experiment. The alien sex was the bait in the trap. As soon as the man fell into this trap, the doors slammed shut….. a second alien appeared and the scientist disappeared. He was never seen again. Maybe he became alien pet food. Or maybe he was invited to star in interplanetary horror porn. No one knows… and no one ever will.

Date: September 12, 2023
Actors: Sarah Kay

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