Monster tree hard fuck redheaded girl Jia Lissa


The ancient monster tree has come to life and awaits its prey. It can wait forever. It hears every rustle of leaves. It beckons. It feels fear.

Jia Lissa, a red-haired girl, was walking in the woods near the cabin she and her friend had rented for the weekend. Something seemed to call her by name and she walked deeper into the woods. Between the trees the girl found some kind of abandoned cabin. She wasn’t afraid. What could be scary about an empty cabin? Well, except for a couple rats or spiders. But the red-haired girl was wrong. There was real evil waiting for her in the cabin. As soon as Jia Lissa entered the cabin, someone hit her on the head. Or something. she couldn’t understand it.

Upon waking up, the red-haired girl realized that she had been stripped and tied up. She was actually being held by strong bars of wood, and others were approaching her from the darkness. The branches of the monster tree were getting closer and closer. Jia Lissa had never seen anything so horrible. She screamed, but no one heard her. The flexible bars dug into the screaming girl’s wet pussy. They moved back and forth and filled her with some kind of slime. The tree-monster had awakened and now he was going to fuck this redheaded bitch until she lost her pulse.

Date: December 22, 2023
Actors: Jia Lissa

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