Sexy demon Yenna Black fucked a guy in a damned house


Sexy demon has always lived in this house. Men who stayed overnight in the house never left it again. No one knows what happened to them. But there was a hero who was able to defeat the evil and come out alive from this confrontation.

One day a young guy came to a damned country house and decided to stay overnight. Nothing foreshadowed trouble. Especially since he never believed in urban legends. The guy lay on the bed and watched TV. Suddenly the walls shook, and cracks appeared on the ceiling. “Earthquake” thought the guy, but it was actually something worse. At exactly midnight, a big hole appeared in the ceiling and a sexy demon crawled out of there. A naked girl with a scary face lunged at the guy to kill him and drag him to hell. But seeing his hard cock, she changed her mind. The demoness started sucking the guy’s cock. She swallowed the whole length of it and then rode him. Scared, but horny guy fucked the hell spawn in different positions and did not let her relax. In fucking, he was always the king. Sexy demon had messed with the wrong guy. He fucked her so hard that she barely dragged her legs back to hell.

Date: December 31, 2023
Actors: Yenna Black

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