Schizoid twins Evelyn and Sylvia Dellay fuck a couple


In a huge old mansion outside of town live schizoid twins Evelyn and Sylvia Dellay. No one comes to visit. No one delivers their food. They don’t even get mail delivered to their house. All because the twin girls are very strange and… scary. No one really understands why they’re so scary. But everyone keeps them away…

Except for tourists and visitors who know nothing about schizoid twins. These are the guys who fell into their trap and were kidnapped. The girls drugged them with something and the guys passed out. Someone woke up quickly, someone woke up bound, and someone was still in a stupor, when the perverts began to abuse them. Evelyn and Sylvia Dellay used the pussy and cock of the loving couple they had kidnapped. While one licked the sleepy girl’s pussy and fucked her with different objects, the other sister sucked the guy’s cock and jumped on it like a freaky. The other guy was watching all this. As long as he stayed away, he was not touched. But as soon as he got closer, the schizoid twins jumped on his cock and started sucking it together until it shot cum. Was that the end? No, more like the beginning of a terrible madness.

Date: January 14, 2024

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