Cheating Scarlit Scandal during the COVID-19 pandemic


future-darkly-pandemicWhen no one expected disaster, the world was hit by the terrible COVID-19 pandemic. It started the same way as with other flu viruses and no one could even think what would happen to the world in 3 months. This was no ordinary flu. It was a real plague that swept over cities, states and even entire countries. COVID-19 infected and sickened tens of thousands, then hundreds of thousands, and soon millions of people. And not everyone survived the disease.

future darkly pandemic 1

This story is about a young and sexy black woman, Scarlit Scandal, whose husband became very ill. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she had to take care of him: cook and carry food to the quarantine room, carry his urine and feces after him, wash his sweaty and smelly clothes. She was desperate. She wanted to love and be loved, not a nurse for a seriously ill patient. She just wanted to fuck. And then she saw HIM, the sweet young letter carrier. As soon as he started showing interest in her, she gave in and decided to flirt with him. But the flirting didn’t end. One day, he brazenly came to her and persuaded her to have sex with him. This was Scarlit Scandal’s cheating during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sex helped her forget everything. She was really happy when the big cock penetrated her tight hot pussy. The pretty girl enjoyed it and was looking forward to the guy coming again. But he didn’t come…

When she cheated on her husband with the mailman, he was sick. He infected her with COVID-19 …

Date: February 9, 2024

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