Demonic samurais with tentacle dicks fuck Kimmy Kimm


The last time Kimmy Kimm and her sister were attacked by demons with tentacle dicks, they barely escaped. Kimmy was lightly wounded, but her sister was less fortunate – she was wounded with a poisoned blade. Now she was slowly dying. But there was an antidote that could save the girl. And it was for it that the samurai sisters went to the demon’s lair.

With horror watching what was happening in the lair, the girls decided to give battle to the enemies. Despite the fact that against them came out dozens of ninjas, they withstood. Kimmy Kimm and her sister killed them all. But next, the demonic samurai themselves awaited them. Kimmy herself decided to confront them…. and lost.

The demonic samurai easily defeated the beautiful Asian girl. But instead of killing her, they offered her an antidote. Not for nothing, of course, but for sex with them. Kimmy Kimm loved her sister very much, so she agreed. Demonic samurai with tentacle dicks made the Asian girl suck and then fucked her. At first the poor girl resisted and felt disgusting. The slippery tentacles moved in her holes and left a lot of slime there. But gradually she started to like it. Each penetration. Every movement. It ended with the Asian girl’s orgasm. And a little later, the tentacles cummed slime in Kimmy Kimm’s mouth and pussy.

The antidote had been received. She could save her favorite sister. And she would surely do it… but then she’d go back to the demon samurai for more hard sex and slime in her holes.

Date: November 20, 2023
Actors: Kimmy Kimm

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