Sex maniac hunter hard fucks two girls in the woods


There’s a sex maniac in the suburbs. 18- to 25-year-old girls started disappearing. They looked for them everywhere, even in the woods, but could not find them. No one knew who was kidnapping the girls, what he was doing with them and where they disappeared to. But everyone was very interested in solving the mystery of the disappearances.

Two girlfriends decided to go to the forest near the suburbs and find traces of the crimes. They found the traces, and the maniacal hunter found them. The girls could not escape from the big man, who navigated perfectly in this forest. Grabbing both girls, the sexy maniac dragged them to a fallen tree. He tied them up with ropes and then started to fuck them hard. The naked girls had to suck the pervert’s cock. Then he switched to their sweet shaved pussies. The hunter fucked the victims without pity and he liked their moans and screams. And he didn’t stop until he cum all over them.

Where did the girls go after meeting a sex maniac and having sex in the woods? Will they ever be found? There are more questions than answers.

Date: January 15, 2024

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