Humanity has been subjected to group alien sex with invaders


Alien sex was only dreamed of by those who enjoyed reading Isaac Asimov or Herbert Wells. Until 2025. The world was mired in war and everything was going to the point where nuclear weapons would destroy all life on the planet. But it didn’t happen as thought….. Alien beings have always watched over humans from their distant planets. And when they saw how weak humans were, the alien invaders attacked our planet. It all happened very quickly. Spaceships with deadly lasers entered the Earth’s atmosphere and destroyed all of mankind’s strongest weapons in a couple of minutes. Aliens with horrible faces and dirty big dicks populated every corner of the Earth. Humans tried to escape. People tried to hide. But to no avail, almost everyone was caught and made into sex slaves.

It had only been a few months since the alien invasion of Earth began. The planet was hard to recognize. 95% of those who survived became slaves. And the rest formed a squad of soldiers and began the resistance. To try and take back Earth, they devised a plan to destroy the main spaceship – the aliens’ brain. The soldiers hoped that it would be easy to… but not everyone survived. The men were destroyed, and the women were in for some hard alien sex. The creatures with scary faces fucked them hard and mercilessly. With their big dicks they turned their pussies into mincemeat.

Did the brave soldiers manage to save humanity? Or were they all brutally fucked? Follow the news of horror porn on our website…. to be continued.

Date: September 26, 2023

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