Redheaded girl gets fucked by two infected nurses


Continuation of the terrible events in the hospital, where infected nurses began attacking female patients and infecting them with alien parasites. This is the post pandemic period, when the pandemic seems to be over, but almost everyone is infected and turned into zombies.

Scarlet Skies, a redheaded girl, missed all the main events, because she was under anesthesia and had to have surgery. But when she woke up, it was chaos all around. The girl found her nurse, but soon she too became a zombie lesbian. Two nurses Kelly Collins and Catherine Knight started looking for her, and soon came to the smell of her sweet pussy. The infected nurses attacked a hospital patient and had a lesbian threesome with her. The parasite from the mouth of one of the nurses got into the pussy of the redheaded girl and she too became a zombie. Sweetly moaning and purring, they started licking each other’s pussies just on the floor. Slime flowed from their holes, and they licked it and enjoyed it.

After sex lesbian nurses and their patient went in search of new victims. Is the end near?

Date: February 8, 2024

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