Zombie waitress Rebecca Volpetti use a bartender’s dick


The dreaded zombie virus has begun to spread in the United States. But it wasn’t just any virus. It was transmitted by alien slugs, and it wasn’t easy to get rid of. Resembling baby jellies or some strange bugs, the parasites attacked all the girls in the United States, crawling into their holes and subjugating them. As soon as the alien monster was in the girl’s pussy, she immediately felt a strong excitement. Zombie was drawn to have lesbian sex with other girls or get fucked by a big cock.

Waitress Rebecca Volpetti was about to go home, but the bartender continued to joke and mock her. It was driving the beauty crazy and he continued his abuse. In the end, she found herself infected with worms and turned from a modest silent girl into a sex bomb. Everyone around her became zombies and she aimed for the bartender’s big cock and soon pounced on it. The poor guy immediately shoved his jokes away, but apologies were unnecessary. Infected zombie Rebecca Volpetti decided to make the most of the big dick and got down to business.

Deep blowjobs and dick bouncing are cool, but the guy was already in another world and his mouth was leaking slime. The perverted waitress drank all the cum out of her coworker to the last drop and only then calmed down. The parasites inside her calmed down too. This was the beginning of the apocalypse… which can only be seen in the best horror porn collected in one place.

Date: September 5, 2023

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