Foxy Alyssa and Eve Sweet turned into lesbian zombies


Lesbian zombies stories are so titillating. Really, when they are fictional or happened to someone else. Foxy Alyssa and Eve Sweet certainly didn’t set out to become zombies, and they never thought about lesbian sex. These girls have been best friends since childhood. They did everything together… even worked at the same firm and vacationed together. Maybe that’s the reason they didn’t have boyfriends. But they didn’t worry about it. The girls enjoyed life with each other and when they wanted sex, they used sex toys.

Taking a vacation at work, Foxy Alyssa and Eve Sweet went to rest in a country summer camp. The happy girls arrived and checked into a small house. They spent half a day exploring the nature around them and then socialized. They were having fun. In the evening, when it was time to go to bed, Foxy went to take a shower. Eve lay on the bed and saw something awful. Slippery slugs were attacking her. The girl fought back and tried to throw the creatures away, but they still got to her shaved pussy. Once the slugs penetrated the brunette’s pussy, she became a zombie. The only thing she wanted now was sex and her friend Foxy’s pussy. It was waiting for her and ready to attack.

The room was dark. Foxy came in from the shower and was horrified. Eve was different. She attacked her pussy and started licking it. Licking her pussy gave her pleasure, but she was afraid. And for good reason… Foxy’s two friends Alyssa and Eve Sweet turned into lesbian zombies. They mindlessly licked each other’s pussies and moaned. Nothing else interested them. Just cunnilingus and orgasm…. and that were it.

Date: October 22, 2023

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