Mental hospital patient Macy Meadows has tentacle sex


It is easiest to think that hard tentacle sex is a sick fantasy of patients of a mental hospital. But maybe it is a reality that not everyone can see? Grief-stricken girl Macy Meadows went through it, but no one ever believed her.

After her parents died in a terrible accident and her boyfriend cheated with her best friend, Macy went insane. Something clicked in her head and that was it. After that, she pounced on her boyfriend with a knife and slashed him. And ended up in a mental institution. Tranquilizers turned her into a vegetable, but inside she was still the same old Macy Meadows. She couldn’t get out, but she lived. Until something sinister started happening in the asylum. Other girls started complaining about being raped by a monster with long slimy tentacles. But who would believe them? They’re crazy. No one believed them, but Macy did and she was afraid she was next.

During a fight with another patient, Macy got angry and was placed in solitary. The girl lay on the soft floor for a long time and came to her senses. She wanted to get out, but she couldn’t. Suddenly, long tentacles appeared in the corner of the room. The girl definitely didn’t want tentacle sex, but the monster wasn’t interested. The tentacles crawled closer and got into the poor girl’s mouth and pussy. No one could help her. The tentacles attacked her hole hard. It was painful and scary. But she was a psycho, and no one would believe or help a psycho anyway. Macy Meadows just blacked out and could no longer feel anything moving inside her. Hard sex with a monster ended with a creampie. The girl was lying on the floor in a puddle of cum, shaking her whole body and moaning hoarsely. Wouldn’t anyone believe her?

Date: November 2, 2023
Actors: Macy Meadows

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