Kidnapped May Thai screams while having monster sex


Slender Asian May Thai was about to take a relaxing bath and wasn’t thinking about monster sex. She needed relaxation and she almost got it. But a scary monster with tentacles appeared and kidnapped her. It took her under the water and the girl just disappeared. Did she drown? Maybe she ended up in another world? Or was she kidnapped on an alien spaceship? No one ever found out!

May Thai woke up naked on the floor in some black room. She didn’t know what would happen to her next. And there was monster sex waiting for her. Monster tentacles were coming at her from all sides. They attacked her shaved pussy and the Asian woman moaned with pleasure. No cock fucked her as cool as these alien tentacles. They moved monotonously and penetrated deeply, so that the girl almost cummed. But they did. The tentacles spewed a lot of cum into her womb and the Asian girl almost exploded.

Even so, May Thai liked monster sex. In the final alien sex she even took a couple of tentacles in her mouth and sucked them for a long time until they filled her with cum. And it turned out to be very tasty…. yum yum yum.

Date: April 4, 2024
Actors: May Thai

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