Sexy maid Emiri Momota gets fucked by a tentacle monster


An alien tentacle monster infiltrated the hospital grounds and hid in a back room. He was still weak from the spaceship crash. But he already wanted to fuck someone. When everyone went home in the evening, it got out and started hunting beautiful maid Emiri Momota.

The Japanese woman was just cleaning the gynecology office when she saw a puddle of strange mucus. It didn’t scare her. It should have. The tentacle monster was close by. As soon as the beautiful Asian woman turned away, he attacked from behind and there was nothing she could do. Chaining her to the gynecological chair with its tentacles, the monster began to abuse the beauty’s holes. Emiri Momota screamed, but no one heard her. The tentacles fucked her pussy very deep. They filled her with alien cum, so that her belly puffed up a lot. When the tentacles left the maid’s pussy alone, a sea of cum flowed from there.

But even after that the tentacle monster did not leave the beauty. His main tentacle burrowed into the Asian girl’s clit and caressed it, while the others penetrated her mouth. The poor girl almost lost consciousness. But in general she even liked the alien sex.

Date: March 26, 2024
Actors: Emiri Momota

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