Monster Cthulhu fuck two girls Jia Lissa and Rae Lil Black


Two beautiful girls-neighbors lived in peace and friendship, unaware that the dreaded Cthulhu monster would fuck their… but it happened. Feeling a little sick, Jia wants to watch TV and sleep, but something unusual happens inside her. The fire of lust between her legs is keeping the girl awake, and then there’s that slime that’s leaking from her beautiful pussy. Cthulhu takes over the redheaded girl’s mind from a distance and makes her attack her friend Rae. Jia attacks Rae and greedily licks her pussy, infecting her with the slime.

When the girls end up in some creepy dark place, demon with long tentacles appears. The monster fucks the two girls with his tentacles and enjoys their screams before tons of slime floods them. The girls can’t recover after such horrible sex with the monster. The tentacles disappear in the darkness, leaving the poor martyrs alone with each other. Only the faint moans of Rae and Jia can be heard. They are badly tormented, but deep down they loved what the infernal monster did to them. Creampie from pussies and anal holes flows out and the girls, mad after sex with the monster, lie in a puddle of this cum. Rae and Jia definitely won’t be watching horror porn after this… if they can watch anything at all. And who even says that after this encounter with the creature from hell the girls will go back to their normal lives? Slippery tentacles, glowing eyes in the dark and bukkake creampie will be their nightmares every night.

Date: September 3, 2023

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