Queenie Sateen and Skye Blue lesbian slime sex in hotel


How could two friends Queenie Sateen and Skye Blue think about lesbian slime sex when they just arrived at a hotel for a night’s stay? They didn’t even think of anything like that in their heads. But a fateful accident changed their lives forever…. it changed the girls themselves.

The beauties came to their room and were about to go to bed, but they noticed some slime on the beds. The search for the object that left it was successful. The girls found an alien parasite under the blanket. They thought it was some ordinary slug, but this thing attacked them….. and within minutes they were having lesbian slime sex. The sweet friends fucked each other with their fingers and rubbed their pussies, making sweet moans. They were doing cunnilingus, and slime was flowing and flowing from their infected holes. The parasite was still inside the beauties, so they couldn’t stop. The passionate lesbian slime sex gave them incredible pleasure, but they lost control of themselves forever. Now Queenie Sateen and Skye Blue are at the mercy of the alien parasites.

Date: May 18, 2024

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