Kendra Sunderland enjoys sex with alien tentacles


Kendra Sunderland has heard a lot on TV news about alien tentacles and monsters from another planet. She was a fan of anything to do with aliens and looked forward to meeting them. The busty blonde believed it would happen…. and it did.

Hearing a strange sound in the yard, beauty Kendra Sunderland looked out the window and saw a strange worm on the ground. It was dying. Another would have thought it was some kind of slug pest and would have killed it. But Kendra knew it was a creature from another planet and could be saved. The girl brought the slug to the barn and placed it in an oak barrel. Every day she came and watered it with different fertilizers and filmed it on video for her blog. And soon alien tentacles emerged from the barrel.

During another shoot of content for the blog, the unbelievable happened. The reanimated monster pulled its tentacles out of the barrel and grabbed the busty girl. But not to kill her. She saved him. So he decided to thank her with a good fuck. Alien tentacles fucked a blonde with big natural tits in her pussy, and then her mouth. Kendra Sunderland got pleasure from alien sex. When the monster’s cum flooded her hot body, she locked him in a barrel…. to come and fuck again tomorrow.

Date: February 13, 2024

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