Parasite-infected girls attack sexy boss Natasha Nice


Parasite-infected girls and guys walk the streets and infect others. What’s going on in the world? Is this the apocalypse? Maybe, but it’s just the beginning. When no one’s taking what’s happening around them seriously. Everyone thinks it’s a joke. That nothing’s gonna happen. Meanwhile, the Devil is already opening his gates of hell and is about to visit Earth.

Here and busty businesswoman Natasha Nice, when she saw an alien worm at an auction, bought it as a joke. She put it in a glass box in her living room and showed it to her guests. Funny, right? But it stopped being a joke when two of her assistants came to her house to clean it. The girls were in a bad mood. No one wanted to be a cleaning lady. So they did everything sloppy and rough. No wonder they let a worm loose. It penetrated the pussy of one girl and then the other. When Natasha Nice came home, the parasite-infected girls attacked the woman with big natural tits. Zombie lesbians caught the beauty and started licking her: big tits, ass and pussy. Slime flowed down their bodies and they moaned with pleasure. While one did cunnilingus, the other sat with her cunt on the face of the boss. She, too, was infected. The infection spread further….

Date: December 28, 2023

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