Monster tentacles fuck patient Lulu Chu in the hospital


Asian girl Lulu Chu thought tentacles fuck innocent girls only in the scariest porn horror movies, but she was wrong. When she went to the hospital with the first signs of appendicitis, she was examined and left to spend the night in her room. The girl was bored watching videos on her phone and texting her friends. She did not know what to do alone in the ward and what would happen to her tomorrow. The cute brunette thought about everything in order to fall asleep faster…. but not about monsters with tentacles like Cthulhu and Hastur from Lovecraft’s novels.

Soon Lulu fell into a sweet sleep, dreaming of pink unicorns and fields of flowers. In the meantime, creeping, slippery tentacles appeared in the room. They slowly crawled toward the sleeping Asian woman. One of them wrapped around her neck, and the others began to climb into Lulu’s mouth and pussy. She couldn’t move, and she couldn’t scream. The tentacles fucked her nonstop. Some penetrated her tight pussy and soon filled it with slime, and then others came and did the same.

The fucked Asian woman lay on the bed in the ward and did not move. The slime slowly flowed out of her holes. When the doctors found her, they would probably be very surprised. This had certainly never happened in their hospital before. And would it ever happen again? After all, scary monsters with tentacles never stay in one place. They pop up here and there. Maybe they’re already in your room?

Date: November 7, 2023
Actors: Lulu Chu

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