Monster’s tentacles fuck in the woods lost Josephine Jackson


In the evening news, TV showed a story about some tentacles fuck girls in different parts of the city. But this did not scare the busty brunette Josephine Jackson at all. Instead of staying at home and locking all the doors and windows, she went into the woods. Crazy decision, isn’t it?

In the woods, the girl was not alone, but with her friends. But it so happened that she lost them, and soon she was lost in the forest. Trying to find a path to the highway, she went far into the forest wilderness. It was already dark and she was very scared. But in the distance, Josephine Jackson saw a light and went towards it. It was a cabin in the woods. It was a strange place. As if some old woman lived there and held séances. But there was no one there, and the busty brunette decided to spend the night in this cabin. Not even half an hour passed, as slippery long tentacles of an alien monster climbed into this cabin.

One of the tentacles coiled around the neck of the brunette with big tits and strangled her. When she stopped resisting, the others penetrated her mouth and pussy. The monster tentacles fucked the girl nonstop. Soon they filled her pussy with alien slime. But that wasn’t all. As soon as Josephine Jackson came to her senses, they attacked her again. This time the tentacles fucked the girl even deeper and harder. So she almost passed out from the hard fuck. She should have believed the evening news on TV…..

Date: November 18, 2023

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