Exorcist casts the devil out of sex possessed Ivy Wolfe


Ivy Wolfe, who was sex possessed, was admitted to a mental hospital. No one understood what was happening to her, so she was considered crazy. The girl was kept in a ward with soft walls, given tranquilizers and sedatives, but they did not work on her. The doctors could not understand why this was happening, and meanwhile the new patient of the hospital was becoming angrier and more dangerous.

Some time passed. The orderlies were afraid to enter Ivy Wolfe’s room. The girl could pounce, bite, scratch and scare the shit out of them. Some said she could crawl on the walls and speak with the voice of the devil. One of the orderlies told a friend from the Order of Exorcists about the case. He immediately realized that the girl was possessed by demons and wanted to help her. Taking a crucifix, holy water and incense, he went to the psychiatric hospital to meet the girl, he thought… but actually to meet the devil himself. Nothing worked on the sexy beauty, so the exorcist decided to try one last option: a big cock. The excited penis subdued and interested the sex possessed babe and she started sucking it. The hard fucking calmed her down even more, so the exorcist was on the right track. The harder he fucked the bitch, the faster she came to her senses. It turned out to be a great exorcism of the devil by sex obsessed Ivy Wolfe.

Cumshot on the face and in the mouth of the patient of the mental hospital worked perfectly. The devil calmed down and retreated, letting the girl go. You’ll only see this kind of thing in horror porn, but don’t think it can’t happen in real life…..

Date: September 11, 2023
Actors: Ivy Wolfe / Owen Grey

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