Demon of the mind fucked student Vinna Reed in the ass


Student Vinna Reed has never smoked pot, drank alcohol or gotten fucked in the ass. Many thought she was a holy virgin, but in fact this girl was obsessed with black magic. When she found the Necronomicon, the book of the dead, she wanted to do something cool. She couldn’t understand anything in the book herself, so she asked a classmate to help her. He knew Latin and was into black stuff too.

Together the students went to an abandoned building and started the ritual. As soon as the guy read the spell over the pentagram, HE immediately appeared. It was a demon of the mind. The scary monster pounced on the blonde and dragged her away. When her classmate found Vinna Reed, the demon wanted to fuck her in the ass. But first he licked her sweet pussy with his long tongue and fucked her just on the floor. No matter how the girl tried to escape, the monster would catch her and fuck her further. Soon he switched his attention not to the appetizing ass of the blonde. The demon’s big cock entered her and slid in and out. Vinna Reed screamed loudly in pain as the big dick monster fucked her in the ass. But no one could help her. When the monster cummed inside the student’s ass, the classmate burned the pentagram. He thought he had done the right thing. But it was too late. Demons had opened the gates to our world.

It was the end of days for mankind…

Date: January 18, 2024
Actors: Vinna Reed

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