Man tied up and fucked a zombie girl with a big ass


Sexy zombie girl was walking down the street and couldn’t see anything around her. She didn’t know where she was going and why, but she had to go and look for fresh meat. So she wandered into someone’s yard and couldn’t find a way out. The slow and clumsy girl walked back and forth until the owner of the yard saw her. It was a lonely man who had not had sex for a long time. As soon as he saw the blonde with the big ass (albeit a zombie), he wanted to fuck her. Taking a rope from the garage, he dragged the zombie girl inside and tied her up. The pretty girl stood in a doggie pose on the couch and couldn’t get free. Taking advantage of this situation, the man took off his trousers, jerked his cock a little and inserted it into the pussy of the zombie beauty. It was still hot and wet in there like she was a living slut. Having sex with a dead girl gave him incredible pleasure. She just stood in a doggy style position and growled as his hard cock moved in her pussy. It was wonderful.

The zombie girl with the big ass felt nothing. But her lover was experiencing pleasure. He fucked her on the couch for a long time and then gently shot his cum just into the zombie’s face. Letting her go, of course, he didn’t let her go. After all, now the man had a personal zombie whore, which could be fed meat and fucked at least several times a day. Dreams come true…

Date: February 16, 2024

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