Monster girl with tentacles turned vampires into lesbians


Is that monster girl or just a girl? It’s hard to tell at first glance. So when she ends up in the hospital, the doctors try to save her life. But no matter what they do, they fail. The girl is dying and they are going to move her to the morgue tonight (as soon as space is available).

In the meantime, a vampire girl sneaks into the hospital morgue and drinks the blood of the girl who was about to be autopsied. After drinking her blood, the vampire girl goes to the room of another dead girl – the monster girl. And as soon as she sinks her teeth into her neck, she comes back to life. The scary creature pumps the vampiressa with her blood and alien slime A tentacle crawls out of her vagina and penetrates the vampire girl. Now she is at her mercy.

The monster girl goes to the morgue and there turns the lesbian and the second vampire girl into zombies. She’s having fun. She sits and watches the zombified lesbians lick the slime off each other’s pussies. The bitch lets her tentacles loose and they fuck the girls hard…. until they die.

Date: March 5, 2024

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