Hot group parasite sex with just friends through school


The dreaded parasite sex is a 21st century invasion. Obsession or disease? No one knows to this day. But as in any pandemic, there are those who try to save themselves and not get infected, and there are those who live the same old life. Here are four girlfriends decided not to worry about nothing and had a house party. And they did it for nothing…

One of the parasites got into their house. One of the girls got infected by it and became a zombie lesbian. Attacking her friend, she infected her too, and afterwards they engaged in parasite sex. Zombie lesbians caught another girlfriend and turned the couple sex into a threesome. Moaning with pleasure, the girl licked each other’s pussies and rubbed them. When their last girlfriend came….

No matter how hard she tried to run away from her zombified girlfriends, they made a zombie out of her. The group parasite sex gave them a lot of pleasure, although they didn’t really feel anything. They lost themselves…

Date: April 4, 2024

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