Tentacle sex in prison with May Thai and Rae Lil Black


Tentacle sex in prison got to two pretty Asian girls May Thai and Rae Lil Black. They had heard that there was a monster in prison, but they thought it was a silly fiction. Unfortunately for them, it was true.

When a monster with tentacles infiltrated the A block of the women’s prison, almost all the inmates managed to escape. Only May Thai and Rae Lil Black remained. Both Asian girls couldn’t get out of their cell in time and the tentacles caught up with them. The slippery tentacles grabbed the girls legs and slowly crawled higher to their hot pussies. The girls screamed and tried to break free from the dead grip of the alien monster, but they failed. Tentacle sex was waiting for them!

The monster’s tentacles penetrated all the holes of the Asian girl prisoners. They filled them with their alien cum, yes so deep and assertive that it flowed out of them long after the first round of fucking. And there was a second round. Then the tentacles penetrated May Thai’s pussy and came out of her mouth to penetrate her friend Rae Lil Black as well. Tough trick, wasn’t it? This was definitely not something their lives had prepared them for.

Date: February 23, 2024

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