Dead girls come back to life after sex with a pathologist


Two dead girls lay naked on cold steel tables in the morgue. They were the beauties Ali Bordeaux and Nicole Love, who, after a meeting of the goths, decided to drive a cool car and got into an accident. They lived the good life… albeit a short one. But maybe death isn’t the end of life? Maybe there’s a way back. They did it.

The pathologist came down to the morgue. This man had been working at the morgue for 20 years. Recently, he’d become aroused by the corpses of beautiful women. But he only touched their tits, asses and pussies, nothing else. But this time he decided to take it a step further. Two sexy dead girls turned him on. The man’s cock got hard. He started touching the corpses and then put his cock in the mouth of one of them. The pervert put his cock in the mouth of one dead beauty, then the other. Using tweezers, he opened Nicole Love’s pussy and stuck his penis in there. It could have been necrophilia, but no – after the pathologist fucked the deceased girls – they came back to life. The dead girls came back to life. But they were zombies. And they wanted to kill.

Date: January 5, 2024

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