Obsessed Ellie Luna and Emiri Momota fuck under the blankets


Sex obsessed lesbians began showing up at various places in the city after visitors allegedly came to Earth from another planet. What’s the connection? No one can solve this mystery. But the fact remains. Where aliens appear, girls turn into lesbian zombies.

Ellie Luna was an ordinary girl. And it was an ordinary night. She was very tired and was going to shower and go to bed long before her neighbor Emiri Momota came home from work. The girl entered the bedroom and was horrified. There was someone under the blanket. Slime was flowing from there, and then a monster appeared and dragged the poor girl to her. She couldn’t resist as the long slippery tentacles penetrated her pussy and mouth. Once she tasted the alien cum – it was no longer Ellie Luna, but a obsessed zombie..

Cute Asian girl Emiri Momota came home late at night and went to her roommate’s bedroom. There was a surprise waiting for her. The obsessed girl pounced on her. She dragged the Asian girl to her room and suddenly there were tentacles. They fucked the pussies of both beauties and she turned into zombified nymphomaniacs. Alien semen visited all their holes and they learned the secrets of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Date: February 24, 2024

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