Lesbian zombie sex obsessed Amirah Adara and Tiffany Tatum


Alien visitors are infecting people around the world and forcing them to have zombie sex. The story is gaining momentum and causing concern among the masses, but most still don’t believe it. Two good friends Amirah Adara and Tiffany Tatum are also among the skeptics. The girls don’t watch the news, don’t surf the Internet and take warnings about alien slugs with a smile. And for nothing…

An ordinary evening they spend together. They’re not only best friends, they’re neighbors. They live near each other and are almost always together, and this time they decide to spend the whole evening chatting on the couch. But Tiffany Tatum accidentally hurts Amirah Adara’s feelings and they have a little fight. The girls go to their rooms and are not going to chat until the morning to cool down and calm down. But alien slugs show up and ruin their plans. Amirah Adara gets infected first. The slugs penetrate her beautiful pussy and then a river of slime flows from there. An excited lesbian girl goes to her roommate’s room and pounces on her. Brunette makes her friend lick her pussy while sitting on her face. When and she turns into a zombie, the beauties lick pussy in a 69 pose. Lesbian zombie sex gradually becomes as wild as possible. In pursuit of orgasm, lesbians rub their pussies and work their fingers. Soon the orgasm comes. But this satisfies the infected girls only for a couple of minutes. They need more sex and more pleasure. They go after it…

If they’d watched horror porn, maybe they never would have fallen victim to alien parasites. Two more zombified lesbians with wet pussies….

Date: September 8, 2023

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