First disgusting encounter with a perverse family


Welcome to the old, dilapidated house of a perverse family! As you may have guessed, this is no ordinary family. Every member of this family is a pervert, a bastard, or just plain psychotic. They’ve been living away from civilization for years and have gone completely off the rails. Their house is chaos: filth and ruin. But isn’t that what these disgusting bastards deserve?

Susan is an old whore and a slob, and yet they call her “mom” and “wife.” Before her husband, she had about a hundred lovers. And since her marriage, she’s had just as many. Dirty milf is always horny and wants to fuck.

Charlie is the head of the family. He is lazy and stupid, but that doesn’t stop him from making good money from dirty schemes. Sometimes he fucks his wife. But more often he fucks his daughters. That’s the kind of pervert he is.

Anna and Jane are two sisters who have many talents, but they prefer to shove them up their asses. The girls pee and shit wherever they can, eat off the floor and fuck whoever says “Let’s fuck, bitch”.

Damian is the most perverted and dangerous member of the family. This guy can fuck you to death with his big cock. When he smells pussy, he immediately gets aroused and attacks. That’s why he’s kept in a special cage and hardly ever let out. There he watches porno horror movies and jerks off. It’s a fun life!

In addition, they have a grandfather who still has a dick and a concussed and silent uncle who kidnaps silly girls and drags them home for a group fuck. Get to know them better! Perverse family love to have new guests. And you might even like it… but I don’t think so.

Date: November 8, 2023

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