Sexy living dead girl attacked and fucked pathologist Renato


A young and sexy living dead girl was lying on the morgue table when Renato went down there. He had been a pathologist for a long time and had seen a lot. But this was a special case. The beautiful Asian girl looked alive and he started to check it out. The man checked the dead woman’s breathing and pulse – nothing. Then he started to resuscitate her, as he had been taught in internship – nothing. Realizing that he would not succeed, Renato decided to call a policeman he knew and ask how the girl had died. But something unexpected and terrible happened….

The Asian living dead girl got up behind the man’s back and started to approach him. She was a zombie. Or maybe just possessed. Either way, she looked awful, and Renato didn’t even see her coming. The living dead thing was already close by when the man turned around and was horrified. He didn’t have time to say anything when the Asian woman pounced on…. his cock. Slime was flowing from all the girl’s slits. When she took the cock in her mouth, it too was covered with slime. The dead girl sucked the cock professionally and soon cum filled her mouth. But that didn’t stop her. Having infected the pathologist with slime as well, the Asian girl rode his cock. She jumped on top of him and mumbled something, but the man did not hear it anymore…. he, too, was turning into the living dead.

When they both cum, there was a pause. The naked living dead girl lay on the floor of the morgue, and next to her lay Renato’s breathless body. They were definitely dead now. And only slippery alien slugs had escaped from the Asian girl’s pussy and slowly crawled across the floor… in search of new sexual victims.

Date: October 22, 2023
Actors: Emiri Momota / Renato

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