Sexy Maleficent fucks in the woods with an enchanted guy


A guy was driving home and his car stalled in the woods. His phone was off and he couldn’t call anyone. He got out of the car and just walked along the road, hoping that he would meet someone and get help. And he met the sexy sorceress Maleficent. With one swing of her magic wand she pinned him to the ground, and with the second she bewitched him and made his cock hard.

It was dark and scary in the woods. But the guy’s cock was standing up as if he had drunk Viagra. The pretty witch spread her legs and showed him her shaved pussy. As soon as the guy approached Maleficent, she took his cock in her mouth and gave him a blowjob. The witch sucked the dick sweetly and moaned. She moaned even louder when he entered her pussy. Bewitched guy fucked sexy Maleficent witch in the woods for a long time. He gave her incredible pleasure and then cum on her face.

What happened next with the guy no one knows. He just disappeared. Like Kai, who was kidnapped and turned into a sex slave by the Snow Queen.

Date: March 14, 2024
Actors: Belle Claire

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