Salem witch gets fucked hard in the ass by the Inquisition


The young Salem witch has been caught. This was her last public display of magic. The Inquisition found her and now the beautiful red-haired girl faces the death penalty. It’s always like that with witches. At first they live and do not harm anyone, then they use magic and die in terrible agony at the stake. Or at the bottom of the river. Or in a loop somewhere on the outskirts of the forest. One way or another, they will all die. All witches must die. And not just in Salem. Otherwise, why is the Inquisition needed?

It’s good that in our time there is nothing like it. Otherwise, hot sexy girls who drive all men crazy would be considered witches and would be destroyed. Including Russian beauty Sweetie Fox. This red-haired slut looks so much like a witch. And this is without makeup or cosplay costume. And her transformation is simply brilliant. A lover of role-playing games turns into a Salem witch and… ends up on the hard cock of the Inquisition.

The guy from the Inquisition (actually her boyfriend) catches the beauty and drags her into the bedroom. She has only one chance of salvation – to have sex with him. But don’t just give a blowjob and spread your legs, but give him your ass. He is a lover of hard anal sex and only this can save the Russian girl. After sucking his hard cock well, she takes it into her pussy. He can’t hold back ejaculation for long, so he cums on the red-haired bitch’s face. But this is not the finale. Horny again, he shoves his dick into the witch’s ass. She likes anal punishment. The girl enjoys hard anal sex. The guy fucks her for a long time in different positions, and then cums in her ass. Anal creampie drives her crazy.

Will this save the redheaded Salem witch’s butt? Or will she still be burned at the stake along with all her friends? The question would be open if we lived in the 15th century. But everything is clear as day. During the hard anal, not a single witch was harmed.

Date: September 24, 2023
Actors: Sweetie Fox

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