Alien monster tentacles fuck special agent Kelly Collins


Monster tentacles fuck a lot of girls and no one can do anything about it. After an encounter with an alien monster, the girls end up in a mental institution. Their lives are broken. This has to stop!

Special Agent Kelly Collins is going to make it happen. She is well trained and has fought and defeated alien monsters more than once. She’s like an agent from Men in Black. Kelly Collins is fast, brave, tough and very accurate. Taking with her only her favorite gun, the redheaded beauty went on a mission. She found the monster’s lair and snuck in. The girl thought that the monster was sleeping and she would easily kill him. But no…

The alien monster outsmarted the redheaded girl. He stunned her and then started tearing her clothes off. Kelly Collins lay on the floor and couldn’t move as the tentacles filled her holes. Monster tentacles fucked the girl deep and hard. She moaned and screamed as the tentacles moved faster and faster. Soon the alien cum filled her holes. The slender girl’s stomach inflated as the cum filled her completely. But that wasn’t the finale either….

Date: January 25, 2024
Actors: Kelly Collins

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