Parasited zombie guy hard fucked detective Emiri Momota


A silent parasite zombie guy broke into Detective Emiri Momotа’s home as she was reviewing evidence for a recent case. She heard strange noises coming from the back door and went to check it out. At first, she thought that she just heard and there is no one there, but the girl was wrong. There was a crazy guy with white eyes standing behind her back. He was infected with some kind of alien worms and attacked the detective. Barely having time to break free and run away, Emiri Momota hid in her bedroom. There was no way the guy could have gotten in. But slippery little slugs could. One got out of the zombified guy and went under the door to the Asian girl. She didn’t even realize what was happening. The parasite got into her, and she became a zombie, too. After opening the doors, the horny Asian girl pulled the guy into the bedroom and pulled out his hard cock. The Asian girl sat on it and thrust her hips. In a riding position, she fucked the guy and then felt his cum filling her pussy. But it wasn’t cum. It was alien slime. There was a lot of it, but that was what the naked Asian girl with nice tits liked. The zombie sex didn’t end there. The guy’s cock was still standing as before. Emiri Momota started sucking the zombie guy’s dick, and then she felt him inside again. The parasites inside the fucking couple multiplied and soon came out. While they were enjoying sex, they got out and crawled for other victims.

Parasite zombie guy cummed one more time. This time, there was even more cum-slime inside the Asian girl. Both of them were like in a trance. They lay naked and silent. There were a lot of slime and parasites everywhere. It was the beginning of the Apocalypse.

Date: November 26, 2023

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