Juicy Silver – sexy vampire killer (episode one)


Many people think the vampire killer is a horror movie fan fiction. But in fact it is the oldest profession and still among ordinary people there are those who fight the evil. Ordinary girl Juicy Silver is one of them. But she wasn’t always a slayer of dark forces. Where did it all begin? Well, here’s where…

Sweet busty blonde Juicy Silver worked two jobs: waitress in a cafe during the day and stripper in a club at night. She could barely pay her rent, her boyfriend had left her, and the only one who fucked her sometimes was the cook at the cafe. The girl realized that soon she would be kicked out of the club, as she didn’t want to fuck the customers (Juicy is not a prostitute after all). Things were really bad. And it got even worse when a strange gang showed up in town. Everyone thought they were some kind of gangsters. But they were actually vampires. They wanted to take up residence in the town and turn everyone in the town into their own kind. One by one, people disappeared, and then they came back, but they were completely different. No one understood what was happening. And neither did Juicy. Until she came face to face with Mick, the leader of the vampires. The girl remembered her destiny – she was a vampire killer and her time had come.

Juicy Silver is destined to be the town’s hero or perish at the hands of terrible monsters. She’s not afraid to stand up to them. After all, the girl has many weapons: a shotgun, a crossbow with aspen stakes and big boobs. Vampires, tremble and go back where you came from. Sexy vampire killer Juicy Silver is on the hunt and she won’t stop until her hometown can sleep easy.

Date: October 31, 2023

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