Maya Woulfe got a surprise on the night shift from a monster


A terrifying monster has settled on our planet to rape and kill Earth girls. But he had to do it secretly, otherwise he would have been destroyed by brave American soldiers. And he hid in a small bar in the state of Arkansas, where worked a pretty brunette Maya Woulfe.

The girl went to work in the evening, because she had a night shift. She didn’t think she would meet a monster. At most some alcoholic or drug addict who would have to be forcibly pushed out of the bar. But when the sexy brunette found herself at work, the tentacle monster attacked her and her beautiful wet pussy.

At first the poor thing resisted and even screamed, but the alien paid no attention to it. His tentacles were doing their dirty work. The monster with tentacles fucked the beauty in her pussy, and then also defiled her little mouth. After the first shot of alien cum, Maya Woulfe came to her senses… and felt the urge to fuck the alien further. And he felt it too. The tentacles penetrated the brunette’s holes again and brought her to ecstasy.

Date: April 4, 2024
Actors: Maya Woulfe

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