Lesbian Cherry Kiss possessed by parasites and fuck her boss


The world will never be the same… people are possessed by parasites and turn into zombies who only want animal sex. Their basic instinct drives them to attack others, fuck and infect them with alien worms. More and more zombies and slugs are spreading around the world. This is the beginning of the apocalypse.

Here’s one such slug in an ordinary office in the center of a major American town. Since it was evening, in the office worked only the boss Valentina Nappi and her favorite subordinate Cherry Kiss. The slug stealthily penetrated into the blonde’s office and she only felt something slippery between her legs when her mind went blank. The girl was no longer herself. The desire for sex overrode all others and she went to the boss – it was parasite possession. Lesbian Cherry Kiss attacked the beauty Valentina Nappi and slammed her to the floor. The woman could not resist and her sub sat on her face, so that the slime from her pussy penetrated her mouth.

Instant contamination. And both possessed beauties started actively licking each other’s pussies. Facesitting, scissoring, 69 position… one zombified hottie’s slime mixed with the other. Moans could be heard throughout the office, but no one heard them. Having enjoyed the slippery lesbian sex, the zombie women felt thirsty again…. and went home to Valentina Nappi on her husband’s cock. What a surprise for the unsuspecting man coming home from work. To be continued… for that’s what horror porn is all about.

Date: September 6, 2023

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