Juicy Silver – sexy vampire killer (episode two)


Vampire killer Juicy Silver spent the night in her cafe with her friends, protecting them from the rare vampire attacks. These creatures had already filled the city and roamed between the houses, looking for new victims. But when morning came, they had to hide from the sun’s rays. Well, the blonde beauty and her friends could safely go outside and create a plan to free the city from vampires.

While vampire killer Juicy Silver was preparing for battle, her enemies were sitting in their lair. Vampire leader Mick couldn’t concentrate. He was scared for the first time in his life… haha, life (of a vampire). To calm him down, two sexy vampires with working asses came to him. Together they gave Mick a deep blowjob and then asked him to have anal sex with them afterward. The big vampire’s cock entered the anal hole of the black-skinned vampiress, and then made her friend pleasurable as well.

Excited vampires had anal threesome sex and enjoyed it. They had no idea what sexy vampire killer Juicy Silver had prepared for them. TO BE CONTINUED…

Date: January 13, 2024

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