Stephanie Kyler got fucked in the toilet with tentacles


How could student Stephanie Kyler think she’d get fucked in the toilet by a monster? Of course not. She ran into a public restroom for a minute to pee. But strange noises from the toilet made her look in. A facehugger jumped out of the toilet and jumped into the girl’s face. He glared at her, and then the monster’s slippery long tentacles appeared and grabbed the student’s arms and legs. Stephanie Kyler couldn’t move, but the tentacles moved quickly and insistently. They fucked her pussy nonstop.

Soon the student fell to the floor and lost consciousness. But they didn’t stop. Tentacles pulled off her clothes, and then continued to fuck her in the toilet. Fucking and pumping her full of alien cum. And when the poor girl got fucked in the toilet, the monster disappeared. He left her lying naked on the floor of the toilet, letting out the cum she had been pumped with.

Date: January 10, 2024
Actors: Stefany Kyler

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