Josephine Jackson and Eve Sweet parasite sex in sauna


Dirty parasite sex in America is the main topic of news that good friends Josephine Jackson and Eve Sweet missed. They decided to relax together after a week of work and not watch TV. While the busty brunette was working out on the exercise bike, her friend was doing fitness. A little tired, she decided to go to the sauna and relax. Of course, Eve Sweet invited Josephine Jackson to go with her, but she refused. She wanted to work out some more and then just take a shower and go to bed.

When the slender beauty was in the sauna, one of the alien parasites got in there. He slowly made his way towards her. The girl didn’t even notice him until he slid into her pussy. One moment and the brunette turned into an infected lesbian zombie. She went naked to her friend’s house. She wanted lesbian sex, and slime was streaming from her pussy. Josephine Jackson saw her friend with glassy eyes and wanted to run away, but she attacked her. The parasite from Eve Sweet’s pussy fell right into her friend’s mouth. She became a zombie, too. The girls started kissing passionately, so that slippery sticky slime stretched between their lips. Just like the one between their shaved beautiful pussies. The girls sweetly licked each other’s pussies and moaned loudly.

Josephine Jackson and Eve Sweet parasite sex in sauna ended with both of them cumming hard. The parasites crawled out of their slut holes and crawled further … in search of new victims.

Date: November 29, 2023

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