Serial killer victim Emily J enjoys bottle masturbation


Have you ever considered bottle masturbation? How pleasurable is it? Or can it be unpleasant on the contrary? And why do you need it when there are so many sex toys around? Sometimes there are situations when for the sake of achieving pleasure you are ready to use even a dirty old bottle. Such a story happened with a nice young girl Emily J …

Enjoying life, she went to college, dated her friends and boyfriend, loved her family. But everything changed when the girl got held up in the library. Returning home in the dark, she met a serial maniac, about whom all the newspapers wrote and told on TV. The cruel sadist hit the girl and she woke up only after a couple of hours…. in a basement. Emily J was chained to the wall and could not get to the door. It was useless to call for help. Every day the maniac came to the girl, fed and drank her, and then showed his fleshy big cock. At first it frightened the little girl and caused disgust, but soon she felt only arousal. Days passed, and the maniac still did not fuck Emily J, from which she went crazy.

One day she saw a dirty bottle next to her. At first she got the idea to make a weapon, but then the girl thought of bottle masturbation. After wetting the neck of the bottle with saliva, she inserted it into her pussy. Moving the bottle back and forth, the babe moaned with pleasure. She wanted to feel the maniac’s cock in her cunt, but the glass sex toy was enough for now. It brought her to orgasm. For some it would be a nightmare, but for Emily J it was the best masturbation of her life.

Date: September 9, 2023
Actors: Emily J

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