Athletes Josephine Jackson and Eve Sweet fuck in slime


When someone is going to fuck in slime, the first thing that comes to mind is a XXX parody of Men in Black or slime sex on the Discovery Channel. But definitely not what happened to these two sexy girlfriends…..

Beautiful and athletic girls Josephine Jackson and Eve Sweet have always spent time actively. They ran in the morning, worked out a lot in the gym, and in the evening liked to play ping-pong. On this day, they were doing the same thing. But when the busty brunette left her friend and went to throw the laundry in the washing machine, she was attacked by a parasite. Not an ordinary slug, but some kind of alien slug. It jumped into her mouth and the girl had to swallow it to keep from choking on it. Instantly she turned into a zombie lesbian. As much as her friend tried to run away from it, it caught up with her and infected her too. Slime was everywhere as the lesbians started licking their pussies. Sexy athletes Josephine Jackson and Eve Sweet fuck in slime just on the floor. They moaned, screamed and growled as they licked and rubbed their pussies. There were two more lesbian zombies in the world … but who’s gonna count them when the zombie apocalypse starts?

Date: January 1, 2024

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