Zombie apocalypse

Have you ever wondered how a zombie apocalypse could even start? Well, maybe it will be something similar to COVID-19… or the living dead will just come in droves from the cemeteries and it’s all over. Or maybe it’ll be different? We’ll see!

Sex with a stranger in a nightclub

Amanda sucks cockAmanda had already had a couple of hard liquor cocktails and was wiggling her ass sexily on the nightclub dance floor. She wanted to seduce someone and drink some more at her new suitor’s expense. When she was approached by a tall thin man with black glasses (why the fuck did he wear them in a nightclub?), she wasn’t going to strike up a conversation with him. But things didn’t go according to plan. Something inside made Amanda respond affirmatively to the man’s question “How about a drink?”. Not five minutes later, the sexy blonde was sitting at a table with a stranger, drinking cocktails and laughing loudly. Well after another fifteen minutes she was in his car in the parking lot next to the nightclub. The blonde with long hair was sucking the cock of a man (why didn’t she ask his name?) whose name she didn’t know. She couldn’t swallow it deep down her throat because she felt slightly nauseous, so she licked the head of the man’s penis and balls. Working her hand, she diligently gave a blowjob and looked at her lover, but he didn’t seem to be feeling the pleasure. He sat silently, and she couldn’t even see his eyes – because of his glasses. Without saying a word, the man grabbed the blonde by the hair and forced her to lie down in the back seat. Once between her legs, he inserted his hard slippery cock into her pussy. He fucked her fast and hard, so hard that Amanda gasped with pleasure. It wasn’t long before she felt sick again, though, and she could hardly contain herself from vomiting. The cock moved monotonously inside her, and not a sound was heard from her lover. When he stopped, a jet of semen hit deep into Amanda’s pussy…, and she quickly jumped out of the car to vomit the cocktails she had drunk onto the pavement. She vomited hard and long, and when the poor girl regained consciousness and turned around, neither the car nor the man she was fucking was there. “What a fucker! Fucked me and left!”, Amanda thought, “And I’m a slut! Why did I let him fuck me in the first place? Fuck him!”.

Day 0

After drinking at a nightclub and having sex with a stranger, Amanda came home and fell asleep dressed on the couch in the hallway. She woke up at almost eleven o’clock in the afternoon. She had a terrible headache, was nauseous again, and had a nagging feeling in her stomach. She also had a strange burning sensation between her legs. “That asshole probably also infected me with something. Not again”, the girl thought and went to the bathroom. She undressed as she went and when she stood in front of the mirror, she was already wearing nothing. The naked blonde stared at herself and could not understand what was wrong with her. Her eyes had become glassy, her face had thin veins under the skin, and her lower abdomen was the worst. Her pubes were covered in some kind of molly and her labia had turned red and there was a lot of mucus.

– What the hell? – Amanda swore out loud and added, – It’s definitely some kind of infection. Bitch! Why did I fuck him? I need to call Dr. Parker right away and make an appointment.

Dr. Parker was Amanda’s gynecologist, and she often went to her because she liked to drink and fuck. But today was particularly bad. Amanda dialed the number and after listening to an unpleasant tune, she heard a familiar voice:

– Dr. Parker. Speaking.

– Hello! It’s Amanda Jenkins! Can you help me, please? There’s a red, slimy mess of mucus between my legs.

– That sounds awful. I don’t have time today, but I can see you tomorrow morning. Is that okay?

– Oh, I don’t want to wait till tomorrow. Okay, fine.

– Get some antibacterial ointment at the drugstore and take something like Clotrizipam. Tomorrow I’ll examine you and give you treatment. Don’t worry. You’re gonna be fine.

– Okay. Okay. Thank you.

Amanda took a shower, even though she was in pain even from the jets of water, and then got ready to go to the store and the pharmacy. As she passed the mirror, she looked at herself and decided to put on her black glasses (what the hell was going on with her eyes?).

Patient zero

After going to the supermarket and the drugstore, Amanda returned home. She felt worse. It was like she was sick with something. Weakness, body aches, fever… and then there was this burning sensation in her genitals. She got scared. Maybe this guy had infected her with something serious. Some kind of plague or something. She called her friend Brooke and asked her to come over. They’d known each other for a hundred years and had always helped each other out, and supported each other. And this was one of those times when Amanda really needed support.

– Hey, girlfriend! – Brooke arrived half an hour later and started asking questions from the doorstep, – So what’s been going on with you? Why are you standing in the corner? Are you not happy with me?

– Hi, Brooke! I’m really glad you’re here. I’m just afraid I’m gonna scare you. I look scary. – Amanda approached Brooke, and Brooke didn’t know what to say. She had changed a lot that day. It was like she had gotten some kind of skin infection and was covered in sores and moles.

– What’s been happening to you?

– I don’t know. Last night I drank a lot and fucked some guy. You know, the usual. And then this morning I saw something wrong with me. And this disease is spreading fast. I’m scared.

– It’s too late to go to the hospital today. But we’ll go tomorrow morning and find out what’s wrong with you. I’m sure you’ll get help and everything will be fine.

– Thank you, Brooke! I love you so much, my friend. – Amanda got as close to Brooke as possible, put her arms around her and…bit her neck.

Day 1

The beginning of the zombie apocalypseIn the morning, there was a knock on Amanda’s door. It was a young kid named Jimmy, who had taken a job as a mail carrier the other day. He had all of two urgent parcels left, and one needed to be dropped off at this house. No one opened the door for him for a long time, but through the window he saw someone walking around the house. Pulling the handle, the guy opened the door… and for nothing. As soon as he entered the house, two girls jumped on him and started biting and scratching him. No one heard the guy screaming.


People were screaming and running down the street fleeing from the crazy bloody zombies. Gunshots were heard, sirens howling and screams…over and over again screams of pain and despair. Amanda walked slowly down her street. She didn’t look like the old Amanda anymore. But it was her. How could she have thought that a normal nightclub trip would end up turning her into a zombie. And all of humanity. The zombie apocalypse had begun.

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