Sushi with parasites turned girlfriends into sexy zombies


Rumors of sexy zombies roaming the country and turning other people into zombies spread quickly. But girlfriends Kimmy Kimm, Lulu Chu and Madi Collins didn’t believe them. They lived their old lives, having fun and enjoying their idleness. The girls liked to make fun of others. And one of those who suffered the most from their jokes was the boy Nathan. The girls would seduce him and then kick him out. It was hurtful and he decided to take revenge…..

One day, Kimmy Kimm, Lulu Chu and Madi Collins invited the guy over to their place to mess with him again. He offered to make sushi and they agreed. While the girls were thinking of ways to humiliate the poor guy, he was making sushi. He added a special ingredient to them – parasites. The same alien parasites that turn people into zombies. Sushi with parasites ended up on the table. As soon as the girls swallowed the worms, they became zombies – sexy and horny. Very sexy zombies licked each other’s pussies and then switched to the guy’s cock. Lulu Chu gave Nathan a great blowjob and her slime was everywhere. Slime flowed from all the slits of the infected girls as they had group sex. Everyone turned into sexy zombies. Haha, that joke was hardcore!

Date: December 28, 2023

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